'I did nothing wrong.' Wasafi singer says as he shares private details of smashing this endowed Kenyan celeb

About a month ago, ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Mishi Dora claimed that Rayvanny had bought her a plane ticket and she was heading to Tanzania to sleep with the boy who is like 18 years old.


Keep in mind, Mishi claims she is engaged plus she is a mother of two so you don’t expect someone with a social standing like hers in society to talk so brazenly about smashing a Ben 10. But then again her candor isn't for everyone and this is the socialite world and kiki lazima itafutwe.

Speaking to Mpasho, Mishi said that she had told her man she was going for business before blatantly adding “I’m going to see Rayvanny…I’m going to smaaash Rayvanny. The Swahili d*ck. You know how Swahili men are sweet and romantic. I have a man but a woman has gotta do what she is gotta do. You know I’m having a wedding soon so naenda kufungwa  nga! I wouldn’t want to cheat on my husband, so it’s my time to do that sh*t.”

I honestly thought she was joking, but apparently she wasn’t and Rayvanny recently admitted that he did indeed feast on the bootylicious socialite.

He claims that Mishi had approached him a while back posing as a promoter and took his number then when she jetted into the 255, she texted him saying ‘I’m in Tanzania I wanna see you.’ as he was leaving his show.

At first Rayvanny wasn’t sure who she was but she introduced herself and they hit it off and started chatting. So then Mishi suggested that they meet and as Rayvanny was getting up to leave, Mishi said that she was going to change. A few minutes later the effortlessly inflammatory Nairobi Diaries' star called him inside.

“Nilipoenda pale, mada ilibadilika, Hawa akamshawishi Adamu” he said in regards to what went down in the hotel room.

“I met her half naked, then I was like I’m a man and since I’m a man I don’t wanna lose anything.” He said before admitting that he had sex with her.

“I did nothing wrong.” He said then confessed that he knew later about Mishi’s quest after Akothee forwarded him a video of Mishi declaring that she was parched for his eggplant.


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