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How to know whether or not to 'breakup' after 1 date

If you are vigilant enough, all you need is just one date to decide whether or not you want to pursue a relationship with someone.

While it is easy to make your decision never to see someone again after they made an absolute fool of themselves [and you] at the date, it is not very easy if they do not make big, obvious blunders.

Here is where your vigilance becomes useful; here are the signs to watch out for if you need to decide whether to drop someone after the first date, or if you should continue.

How do they talk about their friends?


Do they speak fondly of their friends or in a manner that leaves you wondering if they are friends or enemies?

If he can speak badly of those that are supposed to be his friends, who says he won’t do the same to you along the line?

What they [don’t] say

Being  a first date, it is logical (and advisable) not to reveal all about one’s self because  you both are not even sure what’s going to happen after that first date.


Talking too much about one’s self is wrong, and so is revealing too little.

You should be able to strike a balance between what is required to be said at every given time during the date.

Is there a balance between their lifestyle and income?

If by a reasonable calculation, you can tell the range of money they make, then you might be able to detect if their spending is rational, at least for that date.

While it is okay to try to impress one’s date, outlandish spending, which obviously do not tally with the kind of job they are doing should help you in detecting whether they are involved in some shady endeavours, or they have serious esteem issues.


How about former relationships?

If you go on a date with someone who is maybe 25 years of age or thereabouts, it is highly probable that they have been in some previous relationship.

How do they speak of that ex? Being on the alert might help you detect if their ex is not really an ex.

You could also get to know their character.

How’s their sense of humour?


Many people consider this a deal breaker. So, if they are totally incapable of making or actually taking jokes, that might be all the answer you need to make up your mind  in just one date!


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