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I am not talented but I’m famous – Ringtone Apoko speaks on his music

i am the most handsome gospel artiste in Africa!

Backlash as Ringtone brags about shopping with Jay-Z from the same shop

Days after controversial Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko received backlash from Kenyans for saying that he shops the same shop as American Rapper Jay Z,the singer has come out to say that he knows that he is not talented but is still famous and does good music.

In an interview on Mambo Mseto. Ringtone stated that he knew he wasn’t talented but he was famous and people listened to his songs because of God’s favor.

“Ni Msanii ambaye he is the most handsome gospel artiste in the whole continent of Africa na huyu msanii ndio the only musician mwenye he is not talented but he is famous and does good music. Kwa sababu gani? He has the grace of God he is loved by God more than everybody anything else” said Ringtone.


"Yaani huyu msanii ni mkali Ingekuwa ni talent kuna watu wanaimba kwa machoir wangekuwa wako hapa lakini hapa ni favour ya mungu Mungu amenipendelea sana. I’m the most pendelewad gospel artiste in the whole continent in Africa ambaye he is the richest gospel artiste in Africa. Mi sijigambi I’m just whispering in loud voice” added the singer

Asked where his source of wealth comes from, something that has been a subject of discussion over and over, Ringtone said that his wealth came from God. He further added that his wealth was a reward from God after doing his work.

"I have a father who is in heaven. Mali yangu spiritual anaconvert into physical, spiritual anaconvert into physical. Pesa ni nyingi . Wakati unafanya kazi ya Mungu hauhitaji hata kuhangaika sana follow God and everyone else yenye unatafuta itakufuata..yaani ukifuata Mungu fanya mambo yake Mungu atakushughulikia You handle the Kingdom's business God handles your business Mimi nimefanya Kazi ya Mungu. Mungu amenipea hela nikona pesa nyingi" said Ringtone.


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