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The request Ringtone has received after ‘Range Rover gift’ to Zari

Ladies' special request to Ringtone

While Speaking to Dr. Ofweneke on KTN, the ‘Pamela’ hit maker disclosed that Kenyan ladies have told him not to buy a foreigner a Range Rover and that they wouldn’t mind being bought a Vitz

“Usinunulie a foreigner Range Rover utununulie Vitz,” Ringtone divulged he was told.

The singer made headlines on local dailies during the period Zari Hassan was in Kenyan for the ‘Colour Purple Concert’.


Ringtone's welcome post

Prior to Zari’s arrival the singer shared a welcome post where he revealed he had ‘bought’ her a Range Rover sport 2017 model. His post read:

"Dear Zari, I know you are coming to Kenya anytime from now. I take this opportunity to welcome you to my beloved country. I checked and I realised that you were in church  on Sunday am happy because it's only in Jesus that you won't be hurt like Diamond did. Pleaaaase stay in church and in God. You recently posted on your IG that you wanted a Range Rover OK I took note and I want to let the world know today that I have bought you a brand new Range Rover sport 2017 model. Am sorry I know you wanted white but I only managed a black one in color. Please arrange how to pick your key b4 you leave. While you in Kenya if you need anything let me know I will make sure it's done for you.”

Zari and Ringtone


On being asked whether she knows Ringtone in an interview with Kiss 100, Zari said, “I don’t know Ringtone and I have never met him. This is actually news to me. I have over 3.9 million followers on Instagram and I wouldn’t know who follows me.”

Zari also rejected Ringtone’s Range Rover gift but the singer has still not given up on the mother of five.


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