Heart-breaking last message from Janet Ikua’s husband before she is laid to rest today

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim…” American journalist Nora Ephron said during her commencement address at Wellesley College Massachusetts in 1996.

Janet Kanini's husband during her requiem service

Janet Kanini passed away at the beginning of this month  after her story melted the hearts of millions for the last two years since she was diagnosed with the disease in 2015.

She may have passed away from cancer but it can never be said that she lost her battle, because in this script she was the heroine, a source of inspiration and formed an unbreakable bond with even those who didn't know her personally

The young mother of two was remembered yesterday as the family held a memorial at the Nairobi Baptist Church and though the messages were heart-breaking, they were a beautiful tribute to this brave cancer soldier.

Her husband George Ikua said “When my tears brim into my eyes, I will cry, I will sob and I will grieve, then I will raise our kids, keep out home in laughter and keep your legacy going. Thank you for allowing me to love you and showing me true love. Thank you for our two wonderful kids, we will celebrate you through our actions and how we treat each other.”

Before adding “She faced it all and stood tall and did it her way.”

Her mum Dr. Margaret Muiva also took to the podium and said: “Memories of her and the fact that she has left a family, two children and a husband will keep us going. And we look forward to having a close by picture of her."

" Kanini my little girl, may you rest in peace." Janet's mum said in a message that drove viewers into tears.

Her sister Juliana also paid tribute to her.

“We were born into a family of sciences, my dad was a doctor, my mum a nurse who we call Dr now because she has a PHD then there is me who is a doctor and my sister is into pharmacy. And then there was Janet who was like ‘ You guys are so boring, I want to be something else, and I think I’m gonna be…’ at one time it was a hotel manager and when she got on stage and wow that was it, hotel management bye stage hello.” She said in regards to how Janet ended up in media from a family of scientists.

Mrs Ikua will be buried today in Narumoru and she leaves behind two children Pedro and Jasmine and husband George.


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