Sonko’s eldest daughter shows off her baby bump (Photos)

Saumu Mbuvi has been knocked up by her boyfriend. Judging from the size of her baby bump, her pregnancy must be several months old.


Saumu Mbuvi unveiled her boyfriend sometimes in June this year; apparently she had been dating Benson Gatu for a long time even though the media didn’t get wind of their relationship.

Saumu met Gatu while she was still a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

Gatu was still a law student while Saumu was pursuing a degree in Mass Communication when they started dating.

The two lovebirds started talking about wedding after Saumi graduated in July, they however didn’t go into the nitty-gritty of their planned wedding.

But of late, Saumu and Gatu have been hinting through their posts on social media that something big was in the pipeline coming

“I want a marriage not just a wedding. I want a family not just babies. I want a home not hust a house. I want a future and that’s what I see in you.” Saumu Mbuvi recently posted on her Instagram handle.

Well, it turns out that Sonko’s eldest daughter is heavily pregnant. A photo Saumu posted four days ago showed her protruding belly but one could tell whether it was a baby bump or just a gigantic pottie.

But yesterday she finally confirmed that she is indeed expectant; Saumi posted a photo that clearly showed her baby bump. And she also hinted she was carrying a boy.

“There we go...just the two of us #blessingsonblessings” Saumu captioned her photo.


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