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Kenyans Go ham on Robert Alai After Saying He Advised Government to Ban Shisha

Kenyan's tell off Blogger Robert Alai

The known Jubilee government blogger claimed that he is the one who advised President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto adding that they listen to ordinary Kenyans, a move that did not go down well with everyone.

In a tweet, he also cautions that more changes are set to come into effect very soon and that Kenyan’s should be on the lookout.


Here is how Kenyan’s on twitter and facebook reacted after he shared the post on facebook as well;

Give us a break with your Uhuru and Ruto. Eat their bribes slowly


Sasa blogger ashakuwa health expert. Would you mind sharing the research findings sir?

Chocha za nini, the only guy he has been fighting this kind of things is non other than Al president @C_NyaKundiH . Wewe ni mdomo mingi kuhusu NASA. #inzagah

Saa juu wanakuskiza si wakueke CS wa twitter basi


Henry Achieng Kenya copies and pastes. It was a public outcry, not you. Puga. The internet infrastructure is too complicated to have rules governing it. Impatient blubber!

Onsando Yule Mmoja They should have banned wt uar using bcz it's more dangerous than Shisha

Shonny Alusa Tell the prezzo also to stop smoking en his deputy to stop grabbing Land

Eere Kidi Gk no wiseman blows his own trumpet and a professional journalist never quote himself

Maureen Yongo Advice them to give you slimming that even your thick brains can be slimmed..I need you to start reasoning like a human being...coz all that you post belongs to animal kingdom....wewe ni nguruwe


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