Lady faints on stage during Harmonize's performance (Video)

Bizarre incident in the middle of the show

Harmonize on Stage. Lady faints on stage in the Middle of Harmonize’s performance (Video)

On Thursday Night, a bizarre incident was witnessed at the “Harmonize after Party” show after a female fan who had turned-up to have a good time fainted on Stage.

Videos have surfaced online showing a lady who was on stage dancing to Harmonize’s song “Happy Birthday” collapsing, forcing security guards to intervene with the aim of helping the lady get first aid services.

The unexpected turn out of events forced the "Kwangwaru" hit maker to stop the show, requesting guards who were providing security at the show to stop harassing revelers.

Man-handled by Guards

“Ngoja kwanza DJ, Noamba Mabouncer, tusiwapige watu, msiwapige watu tumekuja kuenjoy ka pamoja hvyo msiwapige tafadhali …” said Harmonize.

In another separate occurrence, a male fan who tried to get a hug from Harmonize in the middle of his performance, was man-handled by security guards who ended up throwing him off-stage.

However, Konde Boy showed concern in the manner in which the guy had been handled by guards, calling him on stage to offer an apology.

“Naomba kwanza kabla tuendelee, Yule Mwanetu ameumia kweli, Mwacheni aje anisalimie angalau roho yake ipone jamani,” Harmonize is heard saying.

The better part of this week, WCB Signee's were performing in different parts of the country (Tanzania) as a way of marking the end of the whole Month of Ramadhan.

Rayvanny was in Dar es Salaam in a show dubbed #VannyDay while Mbosso was performing in Tanga. Diamond Platnumuz had two shows “One Man One Mic” in Keita and Kahama. Harmonize entertained his fans in Mtwara and Tabata, while Lava Lava was at Kasulu, Kigoma.

Lava Lava faints on Stage

Last year, WCB’s signee Lava Lava shocked his fans in Morogoro, fainting in the middle of his performance after receiving a kiss from a female fan.


“Kwanza Nimshuru Mungu Mana Pengine Nisingeamka Mpaka Sasa Sielewi Nini Kilinifanya Nikazimia Bado Sielewi Kama Huyu Dada Ndie Aliesababisha Ama Kitu Gani Lakini Pia Ahsante  Mana Uliweza Kunisomea Bila Kujali Mazingira Gani Tuliopo Sema Huyu Dada Kunikisi Huku Veep Alitaka Kuniauwa Mana Anajua Kabisa Mimi Nina  Mambo Haya Sijawahi Kufanyiwa,” shared Lava Lava.


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