Singer Bahati reunites with brother after 13 years

What a reunion!

Singer Bahati reunites with brother after 13 years

EMB boss and singer Kevin Bahati met his younger brother Benjamin after they lost touch for thirteen years.

The last time Bahati met with his 15 year old brother was when they were burying their dad back in 2007 before he was taken into ABC Kenya Children’s home in Kariobangi.

Speaking on Bahati Reality show, The 10 0ver 10 singer revealed that he was happy to meet his younger brother adding that he would do his best to make sure he completed his education and lived a good life.

“it feels great to be reconnected with my small brother Benja since 2007 when we buried our dad that’s over 10 to 13 years and love is the greatest thing, damu ni nzito kuliko maji and it gives me such satisfaction and kama nikona uwezo I’ll do the best that I can to make sure he is happy because kama nasaidianga watu wenye hata si wetu what about my blood” said Bahati.

Bahati's wife Diana Marua who had accompanied him to see his family, revealed that she felt bad when teachers mocked Benja for lacking some items in school. They wondered how he couldn't afford books when his brother Bahati was a big wealthy artiste.

This forced Ms Marua to buy him with school stationery and other items saying she was his big sister and it was her responsibility.

"Benja ame open up kidogo akasema challenges anapitia shule akaniambia vile walimu wanamwambia wewe ni brother ya Baha kwanini hauna vitabu hauna nini ama nini na imenifanya nifeel vibaya sana so kum encourage kidogo nimemwambia twende tubuy hizi vitu na akienda shule aseme akona sister mwenye akona madoo" said Diana


The award winning singer who had earlier on opened up cutting communicating with his step mother for calling him a devil worshiper, disclosed that he needed to forgive his mother and everyone who hurt him in the past for a better future.

One of the greatest lessons that God has taught me in 2020 is forgiveness and as you grow as a young person and as a man you need to embrace forgiveness because only when you forgive you open new doors to success" said the singer.

“Truth be told as a family and as brothers we always felt that she is the reason why our late dad did not support us enough times maybe that’s the reason I ended up in a children home but in life when you forgive you create a new space you redeem yourself, you create more capabilities to even face your success, when you erase your bitterness you accept the new grace and the new level" added Bahati.


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