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Size 8’s surprise reaction after being compared to Vera Sidika

Size 8 received harsh criticism for her make up.

Her Instagram fans compared her to Vera Sidika and Kim Kardashian who enjoy a full beat while others accused the makeup artiste of having a very heavy hand.

“Why all the makeup? Don't you have confidence in that Natural beauty that God gave you? Ama unataka kutoa Mungu makosa.” Richfraterniy wrote with ladreame adding “Heeee i thought ni Kardashian...u luk gorgeous bt toooo different lol.”



Others like Mildasianto felt that people were just being jealous and defended the singer by writing “Hawa watu wanashinda wakisema too much makeup acheni wivu na kujudge hizi ni dhambi incase hamkusoma Bible.”

After seemingly keeping the detractors sweating for a response, Size 8 has finally responded. While many would not appreciate such senseless criticism and would give the critics a dress down, Size 8 surprised many with her response.

She said that even Christian ladies should feel free to enjoy having their face made up and to enjoy the finer things in life. Mrs Muraya urged girls not be afraid of joining the Gospel for fear that girls who are saved cannot look good or apply makeup.

“Young ladies you can do your make up look good enjoy life positively all in Christ Jesus. In Christ, there's divine inner beauty altogether in the joy that the world will never give you........... Don’t shy away from salvation that is giving your life to Christ Jesus because you are afraid utaka vibaya, love you all.” Read her post.


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