Huddah's advice to women who keep borrowing money will make you think twice

Socialite cum business woman Huddah Monroe is busy dishing out advice to women who keep on borrowing money from other people to sustain their lifestyle.

Huddah's advice to women who keep borrowing money will make you think twice

In a series of updates via her Insta-stories, the Huddah Cosmetic’s CEO urged ladies to stop the habit, sell their womanhood (P***sy) and save to be able to start their own business, that will help sustain themselves.

She went ahead to say the idea of women selling their bodies might be bad, but they have to do whatever it takes to put money on the table and stop stressing people with their problems.

She added that, people should wake up and work instead of sitting all day and complaining how hard life is.

“Some people have two eyes, two legs, two ears, great health, but they’ll sit all days and complain, how life is hard. You are blessed enough to have those things, Wake the fuck up and go shine someones shoes and make $ 1. That’s progress. God doesn’t work if you don’t. you might shine someone’s shoes. Next, they’ll take you in as their driver, next thing you never know, a manager of all his businesses. No food for lazy man!” She wrote

The beauty pointed out that people should learn to say no because takers always expect and they never get tired of taking. And even when they don’t get, they get mad like they are entitled to it.

Takers never get tired of talking whether its family or friends. They’ll always expect. It’s so sad. Learn the act of saying no to such people. It’s your first. Everyone else later. And borrowers tend to get mad if you don’t give them what they asked you as if they are entitled to it.”

"People tend to always take your kindness for weakness! Control your kindness and cut them off.", she concluded.

I miss Raila, but don't judge me

Last week, on Thursday, Ms Monroe confessed that she misses Raila Odinga.

In an update seen by Pulse Live, Ms Monroe wrote “I miss Raila” before going ahead to caution her Instagram family not to misjudge her.

“Don’t judge me, I just woke up missing the old man lol! Missing is a feeling we should all embrace,” explained Huddah


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