Mass wedding thrown at SGR (Photos)

It was very beautiful...

Wedding at  the Standard Gauge Railway

Before the commissioning, employees of the company that is building the Standard Gauge Railway decided to celebrate the opening of the 1SGR phase in one of the most unique ways possible, by throwing a wedding. The mass Chinese wedding featured the couples in simple white dresses and yellow and red flowers.

Traditionally, brides wear red at their weddings and shy away from white which is associated with mourning and death in Chinese culture, but these brides broke tradition to follow the Western tradition with their white Western dresses.

But they paid tribute to their traditions with yellow and red flowers.

Red is a very important colour in Chinese weddings as it is associated with great qualities like loyalty, honour, fertility and success, which are very desirable in a marriage.

Gold represents wealth and fortune and was strictly worn by royalty, but there were exceptions made for weddings. Other variations of gold like yellow could be used as a secondary color for weddings.


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