Steve Mbogo's Sh800,000 suit that has taken everyone by surprise

I can secure a business deal, just by my dressing

Hon. Steve Mbogo

Steve puts on some of the most expensive suits in the world that are only found in the closest of the likes of Barack Obama.

According to Steve Mbogo a pair of suit in his closest costs around Sh800, 000 thousand a figure you can to buy a plot somewhere in Kitengela.

“I have Canali, Massimo Dutti and Masimo Bossi suits. The most expensive in my closet goes for Sh800, 000. That is a gift I bought for myself." said Mbogo

The young business man went ahead to brag that if he wears that suit and goes for a business meeting, he is sure of striking the deal, just by his look.

“I stand in front of you in that suit. I am more confident to challenge any question you ask me,” said Steve

So maybe you are wondering why Steve Mbogo’s suits are that expensive, then you have to check out the designer of this world class suits.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is a clothes manufacturing company that is part of the Inditex group. When founded in 1985, its product range was limited to men's clothing, with a women's range added in 1992. Despite the Italian name, it is a wholly Spanish company.

Canali in the other hand is also a renowned name in the cloth manufacturing company across the world dressing the big spenders who like to look good.

Mbogo will be battling out with Jaguar and Bonface Mwangi come August for the Starehe seat.


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