Actress' "Roberta" movie gets BoI support

The movie is one of the beneficiaries of the BoI Nollyfund (BNF) scheme.

Steph Nora Okere showing off her beautiful dentition in a photo shoot

Monitoring the progress of production, a team of BoI officials were on location to interact with the cast and crew last Friday.

Led by the Group Head, Creative Industry Group, Mrs. Cynthia Nwuka, the delegation had Mr. Okey Madu, Assistant Manager and Toyin Oyekanmi of the Corporate Communication Department, the team said it was satisfied with the level of work so far.

“What we have seen is very impressive so far. We can only hope for the best box office record when it eventually hits the cinema,” said Nwuka.

Produced by Steph Nora Okere and directed by Ema Edosio, "Roberta" is among the series of more than a dozen film projects which have received support of the development bank under the BoI Nollyfund (BNF) scheme.

Speaking on her involvement in the project, Edosio, said she decided to direct the movie because of the strong diverse characters represented in the script.

“It has a message of hope that I think can speak to every Nigerian.

"We live in a society where things are a bit tough and dreams almost impossible to achieve.

"The movie sends a clear message of hope. You can be whatever you want to be irrespective of your past or challenges in front of you.

"I feel privileged to be a part of this amazing journey."

Centered on music talent, she said,“The music we choose was very inspirational; to add to the message and theme of the film.”

The movie, which stars Kalu Ikeagu, Somkele Iyamah Idhalama, Wale Ojo and Nigerian dance queen, Kaffy, will, according to Edosio impress the audience.

Asked if it will make as much box office record as some of the comedy films released in recent times, she added:

“I think we underestimate the Nigerian audience when we say that every movie needs comedy to break the box office.

"I believe that Nigerians are hungry for well told stories that they can relate to.

"Stories that would not just make them laugh but inspire them and I believe that this film can inspire and appeal to every Nigerian and this I think would translate box office breaks.”

Just like the previous year 2016, most of the movies now produced in Nigeria have seen a very good reception.

This is expected to continue as long as film makers make quality their main focus.


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