6 horrifying photos of the medical procedure a guy who had his manhood stuck in a pleasure ring was put through

Doctors were forced to use 2ft long bolt cutters and a hacksaw to cut off the small ring that had stuck on a man’s private part when he was pleasuring himself.


A weird man was rushed to a hospital in Bangkok on October 19 after his private part got stuck in a pleasure ring he was using to bust a nut.

The Thai man put a metal alloy ring on his manhood to pleasure himself but unfortunately his sex organ expanded and he could not remove the ring.

The Mirror reports that medics arrived at his home to found him writhing in pain after he called emergency services for help.

Upon reaching the hospital, doctors used all sort of lubricants to try slide the ring off the man’s phallus but nothing worked.

They tried using a saw and pliers to stretch the ring and then pull it off but then again the ring wouldn’t came off the man’s p*nis. Not even a hacksaw could cut the ring.

Doctors eventually decided to use giant bolt cutters to break the hardened ring. The ring only came off the man’s pecker after three hours of struggling.

The Mirror says the man overwhelming thanked the doctors after the three-hour ordeal; he discharged the same day as he had not suffered serious injuries that could render his manhood ‘useless’.

Below are the horrifying photos of themedical procedure a poor man was put through:


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