Hamisa Mobetto (Salome) addresses accusations of wrecking Zari Hassan’s relationship with Diamond by sleeping with the Bongo star

After the release of ‘Salome’, a scandal broke out in the Zari-Diamond household.


This was after Zari Hassan shared some photos of earrings on Snapchat before writing a scathing post to the owner of the earrings.

“She borrows clothes for social media but cannot clean or wash her p**ssy. Hmm the things men pick from streets bado anaingaika. If you think you are woman enough come find me at my house and claim your cheap things!” Part of the contemptuous post read.

After this Snapchat rant people started pointing fingers at Hamisa Mobetto the doll-like star in Diamond’s video with Rayvanny ‘Salome’.

Hamisa the lady accuse of having an affair with Diamond has finally spoken up about the scandal and working with Diamond. In an interview with ‘Lil Ommy TV’ Hamisa revealed that she loved working with Diamond as he paid her well for the ‘Salome’ video although she did not reveal how much she was paid, but said it was the highest she has ever been paid for a video.

However, her relationship with Diamond is not what people assume as Diamond is her boss and friend, nothing more.

“Baba Salome ni boss wangu. Ni mtu ambaye tunafahamiana siku nyingi. Nimejuana na Diamond miaka 6, tulipatana na yeye kwenye video yake ya ‘Mawazo” (Diamond is my boss. He is someone I have known for a long time, we have known each other for six years since the shoot for Mawazo ).” She disclosed.

Before revealing why she thinks people and gossip blogs suspected that she slept with Diamond. She suspects that since she is not very social but went out of her way to appear in Diamond’s videos twice and that she attended Diamond’s mum birthday bash that is why people assume she had a thing with Diamond. Also the fact that she is good-looking and Diamond is an artiste and they hang out together people automatically assume that they are dating.

She then went on to address claims that the earrings Zari was talking about were hers.

“When mamma Tee alilipuka hakusema earrings ni za kwangu. At least angesema ’Hamisa come and get your earrings’, alisema whoever left their earrings come for them…Those were not my earrings. ” She said. (Translation: When Tiffah’s mum exploded, she didn’t say that the earrings were mine. If they were mine, she would have said ‘Hamisa come and get your earrings’ she just said whoever left their earrings come for them).

Watch the rest of the interview below:


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