I could not kiss my wife because of my smelly mouth – Terence Creative

For 5 years!

I could not kiss my wife because of my smelly mouth – Terence Creative

Instagram comedian Terence Creative has disclosed that he barely kissed his wife Chebet, for the five years they dated.

Speaking when he appeared in a TV interview, the funny man said that he used to smoke and the stench that came out of his mouth and his body could not allow them to kiss properly.

Terence stated that during the time, he can only remember kissing his wife, a record six times. The other times, he only settled for a peck.

The comedian said that this pushed him to quit smoking because Chebby always teased him that the day he stops smoking, he would get kissed every day.

The saddest thing that I have never said in the years that I dated my wife, we were together for like five years. We never kissed properly. There is a stench from people who smoke. I can remember we only kissed like six times hizo siku zingine nilikuwa najibamba tu wacha nilambe shingo. It was so bad. Alafu when I quit smoking I didn’t even tell her because alikuwa ananitusi oh ukiacha sigara nitakukiss kila siku. So nikawacha sigara nikanyamaza for one month nikamkumbusha,” said Terence Creative.


In the interview with Amina Abdi, Terence who recently became a father revealed that he was also addicted to gambling.

He went on to say that he lost a little over Sh5 million to gambling. At one time, the comedian lost Sh1.2 million because it had become an addiction.

I have been earning quite some good money through laugh industry. Way back I used to hustle and get some money. What I remember over those few years like four five, I lost over Sh5 Million. There is one point I gambled Sh1.2 million in three days,” he narrated.

According to him, gambling turned him into a liar and he got a point he could use money meant for house rent to gamble.


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