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I only got Sh600K - Kenyan designer responds to accusations of faking cancer to raise Sh2 million

The video has elicited backlash.

Khasoha Shiyenze (Instagram)

Kenyans were livid after Citizen TV interviewed two caregivers attached to designer Khasoha Shiyenze. The reason Kenyans were so mad is that the clip alleged that the designer does not suffer from ovarian cancer as she had previously claimed.

After days of backlash on social media following social media allegations and the Citizen Tv clip, Khasoha Shiyenze has finally released a statement where she attempts to clear her name.

“The allegations are unfortunate,” Shiyenze stated before adding “In March 2018 after numerous tests I was diagnosed with Epithelial Carcinoma commonly known as ovarian cancer. For those who are close know that I battled the news and the medical care required thereof privately and when funds became a challenge, I approached the public for support. Through your support and prayers I have undergone various treatments and now await a final PET scan and thereafter surgery.”


Through the support of the public, Shiyenze revealed that she has raised Sh600, 000 and not the purported 2 Million.

She then goes on to claim that the video aired by Citizen TV has been carefully edited to paint her in a bad light.

“As regards to the video clip shown on Citizen TV the same has been carefully edited to fit a narrative, it has been used to fit the context of the persons who are hell-bent to sell their story. I can only hope that one day the full video comes out where you will see all my narration and explanation of my journey with cancer. For now, I am advised to concentrate on my treatment. Which I will. God willing I will be able to clarify this whole circus once I conclude with the medical processes,” she added.


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