There was disrespect – Auntie Boss’ Shiru confirms divorce from husband of 9 years

She has spilled the beans.

Nyce and Wagithomo during happier times (Courtesy)

In 2018, Nyce Wanjeri’s now ex-husband Titus Wagithomo left fans shell-shocked after announcing that it was over for the two on Facebook.

He attributed the demise of their marriage to success that caused absenteeism, lack of bonding and lack of family time.

“Why am I using Facebook? My marriage is over. So painful I swear. I saw it coming though. Success causes absenteeism, lack of bonding and lack of family time. Why did I imagine we last forever? We are both artists. It’s not normal. It doesn’t work,” Titus wrote on Facebook before hastily pulling down the post.

During that period, Nyce maintained radio silence on the matter but she has now confirmed that it’s over after nine years.

She disclosed that there was disrespect in her marriage and things started going south close to the dreaded seven-year mark.

“We have split but I will not share the reason because I am not yet ready to share the story. But he is single. Each relationship has its problems and everyone has their weakness,” she revealed on Radio Jambo.

The actress disclosed that there was a lot of disrespect in her marriage. “I would say that there was disrespect. In a marriage, there are a lot of things that make you see that you are being mistreated. A point reaches when you get tired and your mind grows and you cannot tolerate some things anymore…There was a lot of issues, I am not ready to talk about them but there are just some things as a woman I couldn’t take. The first one, disrespect and other things. A lot of people handled it depending on how he (Wagithomo) posted it and blamed it on my success. But that is not true, money comes and goes, material things are nothing. The most important thing in a relationship is love and respect.”

Nyce also disclosed in the 9 years they have been together, Titus never attempted to visit her home and introduce himself officially. To make matters worse, the first time her ex-husband’s family met Nyce’s family was during her mother’s burial.

“It’s important for parents to know each other…to say the truth people on my ex-husband’s side didn’t know my family. They saw my mother is a casket, 7 years down the line,” Nyce confessed.


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