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Boy, girl or twins? This is Ess’ latest pregnancy announcement leaves fans in confusion

In December 2016, Kenyan blogger This Is Ess came from her social media hiatus to announce that she was pregnant before going into recluse once again.

This is Ess

She had a little Q& A with her co-host and it was pretty interesting and unembellished. While a lot of women paint pregnancy as the smoothest most glorious thing in the world, This Is Ess was very truthful about it, which is good.

“How are you feeling these days?” Susan asked to which Sharon replied with “I’m exhausted; I’m so exhausted. I’m in the third trimester. I thought I was a soldier but I feel like I’m the one being battered to death on the field right now. Am just exhausted and tired…it’s a lot of work.

First things first…I sweat like a pig these days, especially at night…One time my husband had to check if it was pee or sweat because he couldn’t believe I was that drenched. Sometimes I drench the bed and I can’t sleep on it anymore because it's now cold, like you just put wet sheet.


I have back acne…it has hit me hard you guys. But if I had to pick acne on my back and on my face...I also experience Braxton Hicks which is some sort of contractions.” She said opening up about the struggle of her 3rd trimester. In addition, she revealed that she had a struggle with sweating, heartburn, fatigue and chest pain.

But what caught many people’s attention was how she kept using ‘they’ and it made many people think that she is expecting multiples.

“Did you see it? My baby is basically moving…they are just busy kicking inside.” She told Susan in one instance as her baby moved starting up a flurry of comments on whether she is expecting twins or not.

“Are you having twins? There is a lot of plural use when you refer to your baby(ies) ? One user asked while another explained with “I think she said they to avoid saying he/she."

An earlier comment by her husband Lonina insinuated that they could be having a girl and not twins. With Lonina hinting at a 'Little Ess' and saying that they are just 'The three of us'


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