Socialite reveals what she uses to clean her nunu and keep it tight

Socialite Sandra Kaluki is back and this time around she is here to reveal how she keeps her nunu clean and smelling pleasant.


The socialite took her time to school most ladies struggling to keep their cookie jars fresh and healthy for their men.

She revealed to be a big fan of natural yoghurt that helps prevent and treat vaginal infections caused by bacteria. She also mentioned that eating pineapples helps maintain a good scent and taste of the nunu.

She went further to reveal that she cleans her private parts using garlic and coke ‘syrup’. This helps it stay tight and neat. Not quite sure how garlic makes it smell sweet but....hey the socialite knows best right?

Sandra first started making headlines when she shared her nude photos on twitter attracting attention from all corners. She might have not made it like her fellow socialites but the lady is really trying to be at the top.

Anyway, did you notice she has no eyebrows? you know.


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