Julie Gichuru responds to rumours of being beaten by her husband

For a long time, it has been said that Tony Gichuru beats his wife Julie Gichuru.

Kalekye Mumo asked her if the rumors are true and Julie replied with “Are we still on that one? (rumor)For real? Let me let down those who wanted me to be battered, not a day in his life. That is number one. Number two, you hit me one time, you will never see the front of my face again, you will see the back of me for a few seconds, and that’s it!”

“I don’t believe that any woman should accept any kind of violence; let alone physical violence, talk to me wrong! Talk to me wrong. ” She said warning that there would be consequences for even rude talk.

Julie then disclosed that she has immense respect for her hubby of 18 years. “Let me say something else. I love and respect my husband. In my home, my husband is the king. He will come home and feel happy and feel comfortable and he will make me feel like a queen. If you are in a family where two people are not getting along, sometimes the difficult decision, especially for children is to say maybe we don’t jump maybe we need to step back.”

She also added that it bothered her that the rumor has been flying around and there are girls who look up to her and might think it’s okay since Julie the media personality is putting up with it.

“No, never! never.” She said.

We also came learn that just like Uhuru Kenyatta who met his wife Margaret through her older brother, Julie Gichuru met Tony through his younger brother who she went to school with. They met when she made a decision to quit law and pursue a career in media and she admits since Tony came into her life, her world totally changed.

“We’ve been together 18 year and I have never looked at another man, I am in love with him today as the day we met.” She said as she blushed like a schoolgirl.

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