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Local village where the dead are strapped on a boda boda and ridden from the morgue (photos)

If you have been on a boda boda in this village, chances are that you have shared that seat with a dead person.


Photos supposedly taken in a remote village in Uganda show images of how a corpse is transported from a morgue to the burial grounds.

In photos doing rounds online, a dead person is seen lying on the box spring of a bed where the transporters wrap his torso with cling film and sticks to make sure that his body does not wobble and fall when riding on the boda boda.

A black paper bag is then taped over the dead persons head and his limp body is straddled on a boda boda and secured with some plastic wrap usually used to cover cupboard surfaces.

Its unclear why the man was being transported this way but many suspect it was due to financial constaraints.


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