DK Kwenye Beat opens up on counselling and HIV tests after sex scandal

He speaks.

DK Kwenye Beat (right) and HopeKid

Close to 3 months after he disappeared from the limelight following a threesome scandal, DK Kwenye Beat is back and he is out to clear his name.

The ‘Asusu’ hitmaker was accused of infecting a fan with a sexually transmitted infection after she travelled from Nakuru for a sex session with his friend Hopekid only for DK to join in without her consent. 

Later, the young lady allegedly slept with DK and contracted Herpes.

Speaking on Radio Jambo DK claims that he didn’t even know what Herpes was before the scandal, the only STI he recognized as ‘dangerous’ was HIV/AIDS.

“I didn’t even know what Herpes was before the scandal and when I saw it in the news I knew it was a serious issue,” He said.

After news of the scandal broke out, he accompanied his friend Hopekid to a government facility where they were tested for Herpes and HIV.

“Hopekid and I went to a government facility and tested for everything, even HIV. The counselling stressed me so much because I was counselled for something I don’t have so at some point I felt like I had it. It disturbed me a lot,” he confessed.


News that they were in the clear came as a huge relief to them as they had been blacklisted by media houses following the scandal.

“After receiving the results we felt peace because we have gone through a lot and we were even blacklisted by some of the TV stations and radio stations for the last 6 months. By the grace of God, we were given a chance last week. Since the scandal, we have not been having shows, we have not been having events and the music we have released not every station has been playing them,” he divulged.

In a separate interview, Hopekid had disclosed that the scandal had not only cost him his reputation but money from shows and a lucrative deal with a fast food company that dropped him as soon as the scandal broke out.

“In estimation, I have lost about Sh5 million in shows and deals, but it is what it is. I was dropped by some fast food company when we were in the final stages of shooting a video. I have so many bills to pay, school fees and rent for my immediate family, but I guess people don’t think about that when they go ahead to create scandals for artistes,” he told Mambo Mseto.

In addition to financial losses, he claimed that his songs were banned from top radio stations and the gospel industry shunned him save for Timeless Noel who picked up his calls.

“The gospel world is full of hypocrites! I was chased from a church, a place that should have offered me support and comfort. Gospel artistes, except Timeless Noel, stopped picking my calls. In fact, I got more support from secular artistes,” Hopekid revealed.


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