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Is Vera Sidika Pregnant? Otile Brown reveals

Otile has addressed the rumours.

The ‘Chaguo La Moyo’ singer had earlier informed fans that he had intentions of impregnating Miss Sidika soon in a post on Instagram. “I know. That was a fake pregnancy for her YouTube vlog but will soon make it a reality.” He captioned a photo of a ‘heavy’ Vera Sidika.

Now fans have been wondering if he has already planted a seed after the grapevine claimed it. In an interview on Lil Ommy TV, the singer declined to comment on the rumour. “For now I will not comment on that.” He said but was more forthcoming when it came to his intentions of marrying Sidika.

“Why not? (Marry her). She is cute, smart intelligent, unanielewa. Mwanamke mwenye maadili, I just love everything about her. Chochote kinaeza happen,” He said.


Since the couple announced that they were official a few months ago, Otile has been very devoted to Vera Sidika and even rushed to her defence when she got roasted on social media. He disclosed that when celebrities try to ride on the wave of his relationship with Vera it greatly irritates him.

“I have had a few issues with some artistes in the game, because wasanii wanajaribu kuingilia, wanajaribu kuride on that wave. Wanacomment kitu ambacho sio freshi na hao ni washikaji, tunaonana tunagoteana, tuko kwenye scene moja. Sio freshi. Hicho ndicho kitu ambacho kinanikera.Lakini kwa mashabiki naielewa.” Otile added.


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