Socialite turned entrepreneur Vera Sidika has revealed why she deleted her boyfriend Otile Brown’s photos from her Instagram page.

The two celebrities who started dating this year gave their fans movie-like relationship goals but caused ripples after they both deleted each other’s pictures indicating a break up.

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Speaking to e-daily, Vera Sidika explained that they wanted to avoid too much bile that online users were directing at them.

“We wanted to avoid too much bile that online users were directing at us. Many people were talking about Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s affair. We sat down and decided to shape the agenda of what was being said about us on our timelines,” said Vera Sidika.

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Music video

She added that their love was perfectly highlighted in her boyfriend’s new song Baby Love.

“We did not delete the pictures to make people think that we had broken up. [The love we portray in the music video] says it all,” she concluded.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika had taken a romantic vacation to Mauritius before they deleted each other’s photos. Otile later released Baby love that confirmed the two had not broken up. The music video has already garnered one million views.

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