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Mama Kui confesses their struggles & why she fought her daughter on camera

TikToker Mama Kui & daughter reveal daughter- mother relationship challenges that made them exchange words on camera

Catherine Mumbi and Hannah Wambui of Mama Koi and Daughter Chronicles

A video featuring a young girl confronting her mother about rumors of her alleged involvement with a married man has garnered significant attention on TikTok.

The video, posted by user KathyMumbi1, captures the moment when a young girl enters a house to express her discontent with the ongoing discussions within their neighborhood regarding her mother's rumored indiscretions.

The daughter, who goes by the name Kui, candidly conveys her discontentment with the gossip surrounding her mother's activities.

The clip also captured a fierce argument between the two. Viewers weighed in with diverse opinions, some condemning Kui for her apparent disrespect toward her mother.


However, a few days after the video went viral, the truth behind this explosive exchange was revealed.

It turns out that Mama Kui, whose real name is Catherine Mumbi, and Koi are not related by blood.

They are talented content creators who brought this dramatic scene to life to shed light on the challenges faced by many families, particularly in the gritty neighborhoods they hail from.


In an interview, Catherine Mumbi, who plays the role of Mama Kui, explained that their content is inspired by real-life stories from their neighborhood.

They aim to educate and inspire people facing difficulties in their relationships with their children.

"Mama Kui and Daughter Chronicles ni story ya single mother ambayo ilitengenezwa kwa sababu ya mwanmke ambaye alikuwa single na hakuwa na heshima kwa mtoto wake Anafanya vitu kama kulewa, anakuja kwa nyumba na wanaume tofauti.


"Hiyo kitu ilianza kuharibu huyu mtoto akiwa mdogo, mpaka akagrow up akaanza kukaa ni kama sasa anfight mamake," Catherine said.

Catherine Mumbi shared that Wangui, who plays Kui, is not her real daughter, and they do not share a familial bond.

"Ni kitu ambyo tuna act but it's based on a true story. Something that I have gone through, as well as other people I know. Script sijaandika. Ninajua vile nitaiendesha until the next level.

"Kui is not my real daughter. Ako na mamake, na hajalelelwa kwa single family. Tukikuja kuact hii script hata hakua amekubali but nikaongea na mamake tu highlight this topic kwa sababu tuko hii area ya ghetto," Catherine said.


They decided to collaborate on this project to address a significant societal problem.

Wangui, who portrays Koi, shared her perspective on the project and how it has affected her life.

She emphasised that the character she plays in the videos is a stark departure from her real self.


The character may be intense, but it serves as a vehicle to shed light on important issues. Wangui mentioned that this venture into acting is her first, and it has come with its share of challenges.

One significant challenge they face is the misconception that their on-screen personas reflect their real lives.

Wangui revealed that some people have approached her and her real mother with concerns about her safety, fearing she might be kidnapped or harmed. Such misunderstandings have led to unwarranted stigmatisation at times.


However, Wangui also pointed out that those who know her personally understand the distinction between her character and herself.

She assured that in reality, she has a harmonious relationship with her mother and would never engage in such intense conflicts.

The content they create under the banner of 'Mama Kui and Daughter Chronicles' will continue as a series on their YouTube and TikTok channels.

This ongoing project aims to explore and address issues related to single parenthood, strained parent-child relationships, and the challenges of growing up in challenging environments.


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