Clap back season - Natalie Tewa throws shade at ex-boyfriend Rnaze

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Natalie and Rnaze (Vivo)

YouTuber and peng ting Natalie Tewa shamed his ex-boyfriend Rnaze, by telling him that he was still using the same phone she got him, back in 2017.

“So he’s still using the phone I got from a job I did in 2017…that hasn’t paid me my money back because he refused to give the phone back...” read Natalie’s tweet.

The two have been on each other’s case after their nasty break up and allegations that Tewa was dating Frankie Justgymit.

Last month Rnaze threw shade at Natalie after reports went viral that she was dating Frankie Justgymit, allegations they both denied.

In an update on his Instagram stories, Rnaze mentioned that when he met Ms Tewa she was just an average girl working for a construction company and he molded her into becoming the star she is now.

Rnaze was responding to critics who had alleged that he was no longer relevant after breaking up with Natalie.

Natalie and Frankie Justgymit.

Speaking on the allegations Frankie said;

“Good morning guys, just want to address a few things.There has been rumours and speculations which we tried to ignore but it’s getting out of hand. Not every woman that I talk to, work with or post is in a relationship with me. Kindly lets be mature about this. Natalie Tewa... This story is too farfetched” 

Natalie and Rnaze’s breakup

Natalie and Rnaze’s relationship hit rock bottom when Rnaze accused the vlogger of cheating.

Video clips captured from their ugly fall out surfaced online showing what transpired. In one of the video clips, Tewa was seen banging at a door, attempting to push it open after she was allegedly thrown out of the house by Rnaze, in the middle of the night.

The commotion between that two woke up their neighbors, who ended up recording the happenings and shared them on social media.



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