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Kenyan artist volunteers to help Wema Sepetu get pregnant

How does she intend to do it though?

Dubai based Kenyan musician Purity Kanini Mwanza better known as 2GB has promised to help Wema end a long turmoil that has befallen her.

The model has always been open to share her struggle trying to get a child. She revealed that she has been trying to get a baby since she was 24 years old until now she is 29 years old.

2GB has come in handy to help the Tanzanian beauty get a child she has always wanted.


She said, “Wema Sepetu, sweetheart suluhisho tupo nalo. May be soon unaenda kuwa mama.”

The ‘Nikujie’ hit maker has said that she has embarked with a reason to help those who haven’t been able to get child get one. She has stated that she will help those women in East Africa beginning from Kenya then Tanzania in that order.

Hardly three weeks ago, Idris criticized Wema of her fond of posting children in her timeline. Wema was quick to give the radio presenter an answer which was; if I had my own I could post him/her throughout. It can only be because I do not have one to call my own.

The actress said it pains her because she loves children and eventually decided to leave it to God but making it clear she will not give up on trying to get one.


The Tanzanian sweet heart disclosed in her three year ago post that she was once expectant but aborted because she was not prepared to become a mother then.


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