“Mbona mwanikalia rohoni?” Tanzania’s sweetheart cries as she is mocked after the birth of Zari and Diamond Platnumz's 2nd born

When Wema Sepetu congratulated her friend Hamisa Mobetto on the birth of her daughter, she was attacked viciously by fans who accused her of having an abortion.

Wema Sepetu

Others went on to cruelly mock her calling her barren and saying that her inability to bear children is the reason Diamond left her.

Word which hurt Wema very badly and she responded with this:

“If only I was able to have a child I would have given birth a long time ago, but I can’t. No, I will not blame God for the situation I am currently in.

“Should I keep telling you people how much I struggle day and night to have a baby of my own, is that what you want? Your reckless comments about why I am unable to have a child are so hurtful.

“I understand time is of the essence but it’s not right to keep rubbing it in. Wasn’t I supposed to congratulate a friend for her baby?  I am also human please care to care.”

Now that Zari has borne a child for Diamond, Wema is once again under attack. Sharing photos of the gorgeous McClure twins frequently also seems to have fired up Wema’s haters and they had very unkind words for the Bongo Star.

Oh and by the way, hivi mtu ukizaa haufi eeh...? Au...? Cuz I think Im missing something... Nauliza jamani... Binaadam, Waliozaa huwa hawafi jamani.... Au...? Na wasiozaa hawafai katika jamii... Na kingine pia, Nilokosa mtoto au watoto katika Duniya hii ni mimi tu wa kuitwa Wema Sepetu au...??? Mbona mwanikalia Rohoni.... Ndio mtoto namtaka, tena Saaaana ila jamani kama Mungu kanipangia nitakuwa nae or nitakuwa nao, na kama hajanipangia pia ntasema Alhamdulillah.... Kutotoa kwa watu wengine kusiwe pigo kwangu.... Na mniwache.... Akha...!!!! Translation Oh and By the way when someone gives birth the do they die or? Because I think I’m missing something. I’m asking, women who have given birth don’t they die. Or women who cannot give birth are they lesser member of society. And if I lack a child or children do I cease to be known as Wema Sepetu or?

Why are you guts tormenting me? Yes I want a child, badly but I don’t know whether God has plans for me to get a kid or not. So if other people are having children let it not be my reason for me to get attacked. Leave me alone!


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