Mutula Kilonzo to take up Wendy Waeni’s case

Justice for Wendy Waeni

 JoeMwangi, Wendy Waeni and Sakaja. Senator Mutula Kilonzo offers to represent Wendy waeni

Gymnast Wendy Waeni’s public outcry in the hands of con ex-manager Joe Mwangi has taken a new twist after Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja asked his Makueni counterpart Mutula Kilonzo Junior to take up the case as Waeni’s lawyer.

On Thursday, Senator Mutula put up a photo he took some time back with Wendy Waeni in his office, stating that her complaints on Citizen TV’s JKLive deserves a legal address .

“This picture was taken by Joe Mwangi in my office. The statement by Wendy on JKL yesterday is a criminal complaint. @DCI_Kenya” reacted Senator Mutula Kilonzo.

Sakaja's request

His statement, prompted Senator Sakaja to react saying “Bro...Represent her. Will provide my side of the story as well.

Mutula agreed to Sakaja’s suggestion of representing Ms Waeni in a Court of law, to ensure justice is served.

Netizens also called for the arrest of Joe Mwangi on grounds of conning and exploiting the young lady.

Wendy Waeni explanation

On Wednesday, Wendy explained that Joe Mwangi has been pocketing all her performances money, as she never gets even a single penny despite touring the world to showcase her talent.

“I have been performing all over the world and right now I live in Huruma because of Joe Mwangi. I have performed in Rwanda, Germany, China and I have not gotten even a single penny, my mother is really suffering, as we talk she sells sweets and cigarettes at night and we live in a single room. It is really very sad people are telling me I’m rude, that I’m a brat because I post things on Instagram which I don’t know. I don’t have access to my social media accounts, its Joe Mwangi who controls them” said Wendy Waeni.

Following the expose, Joe Mwangi went ahead to deactivate Wendy Waeni’s social media pages.

Socialite Huddah Monroe also added her weight on the story.

“#JusticeeforWendywaeni. I’m so heartbreaking how her manager scammed that lil kid. He needs to pay up! Coz the same shit happened to me after BIG, brother Africa. My then manager was benefiting from all my deals and giving me peanuts. Then when I told him off, he took my FB page and changed everything on it and started posting shit. I have never gotten the page to date. I had to leave FB and go on Twitter after building my name for so long” said Hudda Monroe.


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