Former Tahidi High actress explains why she quit the Citizen TV show

She speaks!

Former Tahidi High actress explains why she quit the Citizen TV show

Ex-Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia,mwho is popularly known as Jolene, has for the first time disclosed why she quit the Citizen TV show.

Speaking to Parents Magazine, Jolene stated that she left the show after getting pregnant.

She went on to say that she tried hiding the pregnancy up to when she was four months, and she couldn't do it anymore.

I had to leave the show when I was four months pregnant because I’d bought so many skirts and it was getting harder to hide the bump,” she said.

According to Jolene, motherhood was a new and challenging experience even though she thought that she was ready to be a mother.


In the interview, Jolene also addressed claims that she had parted ways with her husband Kennedy Njogu.

The mother-of-one said that they decided to keep each other off social media because they realized that they were opening up their marriage to intrusion and negativity.

“It was something we decided on together. Back when we were dating, we were all over social media and lovey-dovey but after a while we realized that we were opening up our marriage to people which could after us negatively so we stopped. Not that it’s wrong for those who post, it’s just not for us. He understands that my job involves putting myself out there and I understand his job and his personality so it’s never an issue with us,” she explained.

Ms Matubia added that in May this year, they celebrated three years of marriage.


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