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P.o.z.z.e and Bahati roll like multimillionaire Gor Semelang'o during their trip to Kapsabet. What happened after they landed there is unbelievable (Photos)

Last year, former Chairman of the Youth Enterprise Fund sent a wedding reception held at the picturesque Stedmak Gardens into a standstill after he landed in a helicopter.

Willy Paul

But as he revealed on an interview with Citizen Digital, the Karen occurrence wasn’t an isolated incident, he is the kind of person who rolls in a helicopter. Just like we use matatus, ride boda bodas and even bicycles in our day-to-day lives.

“I don’t mean to show off when I traverse places quite often in a chopper; to me it’s about convenience and saving time. I am sure anybody who had the opportunity of such convenience would love the means.”

“It’s a mode of transport just like matatus, motor bikes, bicycles; I don’t see the reason of fascination about It.” he claimed.

While flying in a helicopter is an everyday affair for the flamboyant multimillionaire, most of us view helicopters are a reserve for the rich and affluent.


And that is why Bahati and Willy Paul caused quite the ruckus when they landed in Kapsabet.

A crowd of fans rushed at and scrambled for Willy Paul like a piece of meat and it took the intervention of his bodyguards to get the enthusiastic crowd away from Willy Paul.

While some may have been freaked out by the surging crowd Willy Paul was happy about the fans struggling for him and shared a video of the incident. Which he captioned “In Kapsabet this is love"


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