Zari loses her cool after being told to take Tiffah and Nillan to Tanzania (Video)

Zari is fed-up with Critics

Zari Hassan with her Kids Nillan and Tiffah. Zari's caption on her daughters photo has raised Eyebrows

Diamond Platnumz’s baby Mama Zari Hassan has hurled insults that a section of Tanzanians mounting pressure on her with calls to take Tiffah and Nillan to Tanzania.

Through an Insta-live video, the mother of five, told-off those bothering her with “Tunataka Watoto” comments to mind their own business and leave her family alone.

During the live video, Ms Hassan had been asked by a number of fans to take her kids to Tanzania so that they can spend some time with their father.

Mind your business

“Kwani wewe ni nani, wewe umbwa. Unataa watoto wa nini. Just let me be, we are comfortable, we are living a good life you better mind your business and don’t even make me start with your coz when it comes to my kids. F*ck I fight, so shut-up and mind your business” responded Zari Hassan.

Zari’s rant comes months after Chibu Dangote’s Kids (Dylan, Nillan and Tiffah) met for the first time via a video call.

The father of three was with his son Dylan who lives in Tanzania when he received a call from his two other kids who live with their mother in South Africa.

Diamond's kids

Diamond then captioned the photos saying that he was with his children strategizing on how they were going to grow all the Wasafi companies in 2019.

@deedaylan @princeNillan @Princess_tiffah and and i, strategizing how we gonna take this @wcb_wasafi and all Wasafi companies to the Next Level this Year.... i can see someone is Really happy! and someone feel like crying coz of missing me (Mimi @Deedaylan @PrinceNillan@Princess_Tiffah tukipanga mikakati ya tunakuzaje Kampuni za Wasafi Huu mwaka) #Daddyduties #LIONGANG,” wrote Diamond.

Since the two (Zari and Diamond) parted ways in February 2018, Diamond has never been to South Africa to see his kids.



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