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Ringtone resorts to mudslinging after failing to woo Zari

The battle for Zari's heart continues.

He also revealed that he hopes that the mother of 5 can open her spiritual eyes and see that he Ringtone, not Diamond is the right man for her.

“I think I’m the best guy, better than Diamond and I can support her dreams and help her get to the next level…I want God to touch her heart and open her spiritual eyes. You know we as Christians know that there are physical and spiritual eyes which can help us discern things in the air, in the spiritual realm.” He said during an interview with Tuko.



Before going on to expound with “I want God to give Zari the spiritual eyes to be able to discern and define and grasp so that she can be able to see that this man, I am the right guy for her. Diamond was not the right guy for her. He loves clubbing, as a musician he has done well for himself. I’ll be lying if I say that Diamond has not succeeded, definitely he has succeeded, he has done so much for Tanzanian music. But when it comes to love matters I think his record speaks for itself, that he has a pathetic record of showing love.”

Ringtone went on to express that he felt that there was a better way for Diamond to handle his break up with Zari instead of just letting her go without a fight. “How could Diamond leave Zari such a beautiful woman? I don’t have an issue with Diamond but I think he made the wrong decision, he should have gone to Zari on his knees and asked for forgiveness.”

The ‘Pamela’  singer also said that Zari would also not be receiving any gifts from him just prayers. “Zari knows I’m interested in her, right now what I will add is more prayers, no more gifts more payers.”


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