Zari on how she beat Tanzanian celebs to land multi-million deal

Mama Tiffah has also reacted to the backlash she faced after bagging the deal.

An appointment that caused so much backlash as people felt that the role of Softcare Brand ambassador belonged to a Tanzanian celebrity and not Zari Hassan who is Ugandan. Zari is said to have gone home with millions of Tanzanian shillings from the deal and critics was not pleased.

Zari has now talked about this job that caused so much outrage and how she beat her competitors to land the deal.

She disclosed that her brand as an influencer, a caring mum and how she presented herself out there played a big role in landing the lucrative deal.

“They had screened about 5 people for the deal but they were looking for qualities of someone who could actually promote the product and I just happened to be a mother, the caring mother. You know how you put yourself out there serves a big role so I think for me the people (Softcare) decided that Zari would be the best for this role.” She said on Classic 105.

As for the criticism Zari said “There was a lot of hullaballoo about it. People were like why is someone else from another country getting this deal but look I’m just being Zari and these things are gonna find me.”


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