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See the sweet thing Diamond and Zari did after their spat on social media

The two love birds can't get enough of each other

Diamond and Zari Hassan having a good time

Diamond Platinumz and Zari Hassan have been going through some misunderstanding which I hear are normal things in a healthy marriage.

Despite the misunderstandings in their marriage Platinumz and Zari are back together like nothing ever happened and they can’t get enough of each other.

According to the videos posted on Snapchat by Zari Hassan, the two are seen enjoying the company of each other while at home, together with other family members.


Diamond creates videos of them imitating a cat and he is joined by his wife Zari and their little daughter Tiffah Dangote.

The two have dedicated some quality time to each other and they are enjoying it like never before.

Apart from the imitations, Diamond joins his friends to play FIFA, where he seems to be winning all the matches, as Zari cheers him on.

The sweet things that Diamond and Zari are doing in the video will melt your heart and make you think twice about your relationships.


This also bringing’s on board the things you do to your loved ones after going through some misunderstanding as couples.

When you analyses their situation, it gives you an eye opener to be able to realize that the small things that rock your relationship should never be allowed to be permanent.

They say the small things you do to each other as couple’s counts a lot compared to the big things that come once in a while.


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