The home of Eliud Simiyu of Marofu village in Kimilili, Bungoma County has become a beehive of activity after his cow gave birth to a two-legged calf.

Simiyu described how villagers have been flocking his home to witness the bizarre incident where his cow gave birth to a calf with only two hind legs.

He said that the cow took a while to deliver and he had to seek help from a ‘traditional cow attendant.’


“I saw my cow had taken a lot of time to deliver and was very much exhausted, I called in my neighbor who is a known traditional cow attendant, he tried but told me that he was facing some difficulties retrieving the calf front legs, he said that it was better to save the cow than the calf and pulled it out,” narrated Simiyu.

He chose to be optimistic and opined that the calf was probably a sign and good tidings were on his way.

“I am actually shocked, I didn’t expect this to happen to my cow, but maybe it is a sign of good things in future, God manifests himself through different ways, may be this is one of it,” he said.


He is now asking assistance from experts who deal with such cases to assist him. He reiterated that it was demanding and taking a toll on his other daily routines.

“I'm asking the veterinary officers and animal experts to help me understand the cause and how I should feed this calf, it is very tiresome handling it, I have got no time to sit and watch after it.”