Man records friend falling to his death while taking ‘perfect selfie’ (VIDEO)

When he landed on the ground, he lost his balance and rolled over the edge of the cliff.

39-year-old Halil Dag, who was a father of 8 children, lost his life by falling more than 100 feet from the edge of a cliff onto the rocks below.

The incident unfolded while Dag and his friends went to visit historical sites in Balikligol.

While Dag was at the Urfa Castle, which lies at the top of a mountain, his friends took video of him jumping from some rocks.

Suspended in mid-air

Dag wanted his friends to capture a photo, showing him suspended mid-air at the castle.

He fell 120 feet and died as a result of severe trauma. Dag was rushed to the Balikligol State Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Dag’s friends released the video of the incident.

It was uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral.

A security camera from a nearby business showed Dag falling from the mountain and landing on rocks.

Man in Molo drowns while taking selfie

Recently a man in Molo drowned while taking a selfie. He accidentally slipped into the river and was swept away by the raging waters.

The deceased was with his friends when the incident happened. His body could not be immediately retrieved and divers were called in to begin the retrieval search.

Man records friend falling to his death while taking selfie


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