Owners of a new restaurant who were looking to become popular quickly with their low prices went bankrupt after their customers ate too much.

The all-you-can-eat restaurant in China has closed its doors after it went into debt only two weeks after opening.

The hot pot restaurant named Jiamener began offering unlimited food for the month for just $19 (Sh 1900)


Customers paid the fee and received a membership card that entitled them to unlimited food for the month.

The owners hoped that with this low price promotion, they would give many families the opportunity to try their food in order to accumulate repeat customers.

They said that the restaurant served more than 500 customers per day, but instead of making a good profit, they lost money.

Huge debt

In just two weeks, Jiamener accumulated $78,000 (Sh 780,000) in debt.

Some customers allegedly shared their cards with family and friends, which increased the volume of meals consumed on a single card.