Promiscuous housewife invites chain of deaths involving lovers

Clement's was confirmed to have claimed responsibility for the death of Lukmon Olowo.

The woman who is also deceased died on Sunday, October 29, 2017, in a car which belonged to one of her flirty company identified as Lukmon Olowo. They were found dead in his Toyota Corolla vehicle located around the Area G Police Command, Ogba.

However, there have been reports that the second lover Femi, a 35-year-old Disc Jockey was expected to die in place of Olowo.

According to the New Telegraph News, community members resided in the area where the deceased once lived confirmed that Clement's husband had initially laid down a trap for the DJ who was reportedly warned against sleeping with his wife.

Though Femi successfully evaded death in an earlier attempt, he wasn't so lucky in subsequent moves allegedly made by the husband of the late housewife. He suffered an attack during a church service that made it compulsory to have him admitted at a hospital. His father who believed that his condition was beyond a medical attention insisted on having him discharged. His death came shortly after this.

“The DJ’s father moved him from the hospital to a church for prayer. After a while, he was returned to the hospital.

“The DJ later died at the hospital. He had since been buried by his family. The church and hospital couldn’t say what was wrong with him.

"His death came as a shock to every one of us in the community. In fact, since the death of Lukmon, we have not been seeing Femi in the area," a resident of Clement's community told the New Telegraph.

Confirming the rumours that Clement's husband was responsible for the death of the lovers, another resident said:

“I suspected that Femi’s death was caused by Promise’s husband. He must have punished Femi for sleeping with his wife.

"Promise’s husband had before the incident warned Femi several times to stay away from his wife. In fact, when the incident happened, Femi told some of us that the trap that Lukmon fell into, was meant for him.”

The New Telegraph also stated in its report that the late housewife and her host Lukmon were partly naked with the latter's genitals somewhat exposed, a factor that suggests that both were having a sexual intercourse before their deaths.


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