Still wondering why there isn't much regard for the Nigerian Police Force? See this!

The Nigeria Police Force was rated the worst in the world and nothing has been done to improve its image.

It is hardly surprising for most Nigerians who have at least an experience to share in respect to a sour encounter with police officers, who hardly conduct themselves in a manner that will encourage others to feel attracted to the profession.

A recent sighting of a police man with his rifle placed on the floor at a sports betting shop brings to mind the lack of a sense of responsibility by which these security personnel conduct themselves. They seem to do a better job assaulting the citizens they have been sworn to protect.

Have you observed the esteemed personality that embodies a British Metropolitan Police? From the way they are dressed to their manner of interacting, one can tell they are well trained and have an appreciation for proper conduct. One cannot say the same about a Nigerian police officer who don't think much of personal grooming or a respect for the human rights.

Their interaction with the citizens has only brought about an estranged relationship which doesn't look like getting resolved anytime soon. The attitude of high echelon officers in the force in correcting the misdemeanours of their subjects has not been able to convince the populace that the police has their best interest like they often preach.

Cases of police disregard for human rights and the law

Earlier in the year 2017, a report of a police man who physically abused a male Nigerian citizen in OndoState brought a feeling of fear and fury to a lot of people. Violence erupted when the officer in question attempted to cheat the victim who was on a queue to use an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The abused who rightly challenged the security personnel as he tried to infringe against his right to use the ATM at the time due was viciously beaten by the officer and some other men as seen in a video.

Their (police) contempt for traffic laws is also another issue of concern. One must have spotted a couple of instances where a police patrol van is seen trying to muscle its way out of traffic without an emergency to attend to. It is often "just because I can do it" moment for them. They have used their privilege having access to a uniform of the Nigerian Police Force as a means to seek special treatment and promote lawlessness.

If the NPF hopes to improve the image of the organization, they need to make a total change in respect to how they conduct themselves when dealing with the citizens. This can help rebuild the broken trust that has already manifested between them and the latter.


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