Drama as 3 suspects are killed inside a hole in a supermarket

They 3 were in a hole and were planning to mount a siege on the Supermarket.

Unconfirmed reports indicated on Monday that the three were killed after they were discovered to have been hiding, planning to rob the supermarket.

The three armed men were killed inside the hole in a siege that blocked their exit at Quickmatt Supermarket for hours Monday morning.

Eye witnesses said that gunshots were heard on Monday morning. One of the thugs is allegedly hiding in the hole in fear of being shot by the police who have camped outside the supermarket.

Earlier, there were reports that the robbery was ongoing at the Equity Bank Ruai branch, which is next to the supermarket.

It is alleged that the three thugs dug a hole under the floor of the supermarket through which they gained entry into the shopping complex.

The morning altercation from then robbers created a huge traffic snarl up along Kangundo Road as police officers engaged the robbers.


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