Viral video of exuberant white youth resisting police arrest stirs emotion in black America

White police in the United States of American are prominent for applying excessive force when dealing with black suspects.

In the United States of America especially, the hostility against the people of colour is still as fresh as the era of the slave trade when one's black skin is considered only good enough to toil the expanse of a cotton plantation.

Many years have passed since the abolition of the slave trade but a modern form of slavery still exists. The over handedness of the US police when black crime suspects are the subject is unfortunately hard to miss. Various cases of white cops shooting down black male subjects have led to the opinion that they are on a special mission to eliminate them.

Videos showing white law enforcement agents killing a negro is quite rampant in America. Most of the occurrences after thorough investigation revealed that the officers of the law could have opted for a better option than 'murdering' the victims.

A recent clip shared by rapper, Common, saw a white policeman on the back foot as he tried to arrest an exuberant youth of the same colour,  re-introducing a feeling of segregation in the black community. In the video, the cop and a belligerent teenager approximated to be about 17 years old were seen having a confrontation but the officer made sure not to discharge any bullet from his pistol.

Based on historical facts, the opposite is likely to be the case had it been the skin of the subject was black.

History remembers the 60's and 70's as periods that saw a lot of violence against the black community in America. Coloured civil rights activists fighting for the emancipation of their race were common victims.

While it may seem like the brutality against the people of colour has reduced, recent evidence proves otherwise. Painful instances of police shooting of black men who showed zero resistance to arrest has become a major topic.

The 2016 killing of Philando Castile by an officer Jeronimo Yanez is one that has generated a lot of sad emotions. The victim who was in a car with his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds, and her four-year-old daughter, was shot seven times by the cop.

Reports revealed that Castile had mentioned to his killer that he was in possession of a firearm but he wasn't attempting to use the weapon before he was shot. The deceased never got justice even in death following Yanez acquittal of three felonies: one count of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm.

The idea of freedom for the black people in America has been nothing more than  hypocrisy. No level of modernization can wipe out the long hatred for the black race it might seem.


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