A young man who did not realize that he was stabbed in the back continued partying at a club like nothing happened, according to police in Brazil.

Rio Branco police said that they are investigating the incident after 22-year-old Elionardo Nascimento was stabbed in the back while partying at the club.

Police are looking to arrest the suspect on a charge of attempted murder.


According to the police investigation, Nascimento was partying at the club when the suspect, a man, came up from behind and plunged the 12-inch long knife into his back.

The suspect then ran away. Witnesses at the scene said that the attack swift and sudden. The suspect and the victim did not exchange any words before the attack.

At first, Nascimento did not even realize that he was stabbed. He continued partying at the club until others told him that blood was running down his back.

Narrow escape

Nascimento then walked out of the club to wait for an ambulance. Nascimento said that he did not feel any pain.

Surprisingly, Nascimento kept calm and walked around in the street until paramedics arrived.

He was taken to the Rio Branco Emergency Hospital, where doctors removed the knife from his back.

The knife missed Nascimento’s spinal cord by less than an inch. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

They believe that his calm demeanor helped him stay alive with the knife in his back and blood gushing out of his wound.