A mutant calf has shocked locals after being born with two heads at a farm in Brazil. Photos of the two-headed cow have emerged from the farm in Caiaponia, Brazil.

The animal, which has four eyes and two mouths, can be seen lying on the ground. in a video clip,  as workers at the farm feed one of its mouth with milk using an modified bottle.

Zica Soares, the wife of the farm-owner, said: 'I never imagined a calf like that would be born on the farm, we are surprised.' The calf was hand-fed milk for five days by workers at the farm before dying.


Local veterinarian Daniel Ribeiro Camargos told reports: 'It was probably a case of inbreeding that caused the calf to be born with the anomaly. It is a very rare situation.'

Hours before the death, Ms Soares had told local media: 'The vet says that we need to either put the calf down or look after him until the end.

'He is very bad, really weak, but I am looking after him.'



In a related case, the home of Eliud Simiyu of Marofu village in Kimilili, Bungoma County recently became a beehive of activity after his cow gave birth to a two-legged calf.

Simiyu described how villagers have been flocking his home to witness the bizarre incident where his cow gave birth to a calf with only two hind legs.

He said that the cow took a while to deliver and he had to seek help from a ‘traditional cow attendant.’

“I saw my cow had taken a lot of time to deliver and was very much exhausted, I called in my neighbor who is a known traditional cow attendant, he tried but told me that he was facing some difficulties retrieving the calf front legs, he said that it was better to save the cow than the calf and pulled it out,” narrated Simiyu.

He chose to be optimistic and opined that the calf was probably a sign and good tidings were on his way.