3 reasons why holding your pee could cause serious harm to your health

Pee procrastination is real! When you want to go peel, but the series is so good you don’t want to leave your seat or the gossip is to juicy for you to miss any word said. In the end, you prolong your pee moment to like the end of the day. That’s pee procrastination.

woman wanting to pee

How many times do you pee in a day? Twice? Four times? According to Lauren Streicher, MD, an ob-gyn and associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University's the Feinberg School of Medicine, "You should be urinating every four to six hours, if you're always holding your pee in for too long, there are consequences."

So here’s what happens ladies if you always procrastinate your loo moments

Peeing on yourself

According to Dr. Streicher, you need to think your bladder like a balloon. A balloon that’s being over filled with water, the balloon stretches to its limit and becomes heavy. So does your bladder, the longer you wait, the harder it will become to criss cross yourself to the bathroom without peeing on yourself.

A full grown-woman peeing on herself because she couldn’t go to the bathroom fast enough, is such a horrible sight.

Pelvic muscles loosen

Our pelvic muscles coordinate to either release pee or hold it, but the longer you stay with pee in your bladder, you can end up with some real dysfunction of your pelvic floor muscles which will then result to you losing control of your bladder functions.

So the re-occurrence of you always holding your pee will in the end harm you more than the few minutes you could have rushed to the bathroom to relive yourself.


See the pain you always feel in your bladder when you are holding on to pee for so l0ong but suddenly disappear when you empty your bladder? This pain could be life-long.

"Once the pain signals have been trigged in the lower abdomen, the pain may not just go away," Dr. Streicher says. "Your muscles are clenching and are almost in a spasm, so they're not able to just relax."

Your bladder stretches out

Your bladder may not blow up cause of pee, but it will stretch out. According to Cosmopolitan “one of the big side effects of an overextended bladder? Your body may start missing cues that your bladder needs emptied, and those messages your brain sends to your body that it needs to go to the bathroom are important (for obvious reasons)”.

Good news is, you can hold in the pee but not to the point you feel uncomfortable, just a good measure.


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