When you are raring to make babies or just make love, it’s always a step in the right direction to set the mood.

So you have the candle lit dinner, blood red roses adorning all parts of the house, and the house is doused with a fragrance that the persuasive sales lady convinced you is a powerful aphrodisiac.

But you need just one more thing. You need soulful, or provocative music crooning in the background. Your date may not be into the deep voice of Barry White, your date may find Marvin Gaye cliché and Celine Dion may have the opposite effect and make your date cry.

There is one genre that everyone loves. Kenyan music from its Kapuka heydays to the current crop of Afropop dominating our airwaves, there’s options to choose from to fill up your bedroom playlist.

In no particular order, here are the 9 best Kenyan songs for baby making.

Njeri by The Three Guys

With a line like “Nguhe nyama ya rurimi nginya uge hatire unge irenda tiga nie” of course I was adding it to the list.

Nishike by Sauti Sol

The deep voices, the expressive instrumental, the slow lyrics, they hint towards a long, smooth, slow-moving. It starts with encouraging you to turn off the lights and eventually, play some Sauti Sol.

Plus the video has Bien shirtless.

Mfalme wa Mapenzi by Sanaipei Tande

It starts with a classic RnB hook. Sana channels her inner Kelly Rowland, and with a voice that makes you want to grab your lover tighter, Sana praises her lover’s prowess.

“Yu afanya kwa utaratibu.” Ahem.

This should be the very first or the very last song.

Sinzia by Nameless

The intro is, “This is for the lovers in the house.”

Nameless gives it right off the bat. A song that’s as timeless as it is moving. It’s a bit older, released in the mid-2000s.

Unconditionally Bae by Sauti Sol ft. Ali Kiba

Slightly more upbeat than most of the entries in this list, it talks about how soulmates feel a connection and how we all need love.

“So make love to meeeeeeeee, unconditionally bae.”

Nikikutazama by H_art the Band

This harkens back to the days of the lone guitar. The opening harmony can melt hearts- and knickers. The song talks about what the singer goes through when he looks at his lover.

Haiya by Harry Kimani

Often lauded as one of the few songs that can help calm your spouse when things get heated due to anger, this is a Kikuyu love song accompanied by affecting acoustics and a very subtle beat meant to accompany the beating of your heart. Or other throbbing appendages.

Sema milele by Gilad

Gilad has husky, warm, soothing voice. Like ginger tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon, he just relaxes you and as you listen to him serenade his lover, you can’t help but feel the same about yours.

“And when you say nakupenda, I’ll feel it.”

Malaika by Nyashinski

“Una tabia za kupendeza roho, tabasamu ya kupapasa macho, sauti yako nkiskia pia natulia yanipunguzia hasira”

If ever you need a song to serenade the person you love, this should shoot to the top of your list.