A woman’s libido is as important as that of the man.

And the food you eat can help improve your sexual drive or ruin it. Generally, foods that promote the circulation of the blood in the body are great when it comes to sexual health and activities.

For you to have a great moment between the sheets, your moods must first be set for it. And food plays a crucial role in arousing your sexual appetite.

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If you are trying to get your woman prepared for a steamy experience in the bedroom, these foods will get her aroused:

1. Spinach

These leafy vegetables are rich in Magnesium which helps in putting a woman in the mood for sex. Magnesium allows blood circulation in the body and into your genital areas increasing the arousal. Eating spinach prior to coitus also makes sex more pleasurable and easier for a woman to orgasm

2. Red wine

This is not just a myth-it works for sure. Research has proven that women who drank two glasses of red wine prior to having sex had a heightened sexual appetite compared to those who did not. So, pouring her a glass of wine will not only help her to relax but also yearn to have you.

3. Dark chocolate

A dark chocolate bar does not only create a romantic mood but will also light up her mood for making love. Dark chocolate contains flavanoids that help the blood vessels to relax thus allowing smooth flow of blood to all body parts.

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4. Coffee

Before you jump on to her, ensure she has taken a cup of coffee. Studies show that coffee makes women eager to have sex and they are more likely to want more sex after relaxing for some time. If she takes coffee, better be prepared to do it over and over.

5. Celery

This vegetable is not only low in calories but will also turn her on. It contains adrostenal and androsterone chemicals which make women feel sexier and more attractive. And, they contain some amounts of male hormones which makes the woman feel aroused.

6. Watermelon

You can sneak a piece of water melon in the bedroom before she comes in. Water melon is rich in lycopene, beta-carotene and citrulline which help in relaxing the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are relaxed, blood flows smoothly to the nether regions arousing your woman.

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