There are lots of myths surrounding sex that people

Scientific evidence begs differ with them but sexually active humans still subscribe to them.

Here are myths that people really need to stop believing.

Shoe size is directly proportional to penis size

It’s not. There is no proof that big feet results in a big penis.

Frequent sex loosens your vagina

It doesn’t. Being a sexually active woman doesn’t turn your vagina into an over worn shoe. There’s a reason why you need foreplay for dilation every time.

Taste of semen can be changed by diet

While semen contains sodium and the belief is that semen with higher sodium content tastes “better”, there is no discernible proof that eating specific things will help change the taste of ejaculate.

Coitus interruptus is an effective birth control method

The pull out method is popular when a couple doesn’t want to get pregnant or contract STDs. First, pre-ejaculate does contain trace amounts of sperm so there is still a chance of pregnancy. The vectors of STI are present in all sexual fluids, not just semen. Use a condom.

Men think about sex all the time

Maybe when they’re horny, then they’ll think about sex during that period. But contrary to popular belief, men don’t think about sex all the time.

Women don’t have “wet dreams”

It is possible for women to dream about sex and ejaculate when they achieve orgasm in their dreams.

Women don’t watch porn

According to studies, a third of every group watching porn at any time is women. They may not partake in consumption of pornographic content but they do enjoy their fair share.

Penis length matters most

It doesn’t. Girth matters more than width. For vaginal stimulation, all a penis has to be is 2-4 inches long.

You go blind when you masturbate

Come on, wouldn’t three quarters of the population have gone blind by now?

Multiple condoms increases protection

Wearing more than one condom increases friction which could lead to higher chances of breakage. One is enough. But do NOT reuse it.

We've had sex for countless years, but only recently started understanding it. There's still a lot to be uncovered about sex.